Four years ago, Engage was born out of a simple idea - to bring the world’s top digital marketers together to share stories of how social, data, and advanced measurement are changing the nature of marketing.

In 2015, we hosted our first Engage Awards ceremony to recognize outstanding social media performance and digital advertising from brands around the world. The awards will continue to honor the very best of social media marketing from the past year in four categories: customer care, effective paid content, storytelling, and excelling across the board.

Our Engage Awards ceremony provides the opportunity to prove your campaigns are the best in the industry. Think you know a brand that deserves to be nominated for any (or all) of the awards below?

Socially Devoted

We’ve been tracking social customer care longer - and better - than anyone in the industry. Brands that respond to at least 65% of Fan questions qualify as Socially Devoted, but obviously that’s just the minimum requirement to adopting an ef fective social customer care strategy. We want everyone to strive to do better, and that’s why our Socially Devoted award will recognize the brands that did just that - going the extra mile to provide the most effective social customer care in 2015.

Smart Storyteller

Social media requires that brands become storytellers in order to connect with their audiences. The biggest challenge social media marketers face is creating good content and putting the budget behind where it will have the most impact. This award recognizes the brand that managed to engage their audience with the best stories throughout the year of 2015. They are the champion grower of organic posts, with less than 20% paid content, and more than 150 posts. They found the right mix of ingredients for consistently engaging storytelling.

Best Paid Strategy

In today’s social media landscape, paid content is no longer optional - on Facebook alone, 80% of brands promoted their posts in 2015. This award is dedicated to the brand who has mastered the battleground of paid content through a powerful combined organic and paid strategy. By analyzing their performance in the context of their competitors’ paid strategy, they have cleverly promoted the right content to reach the right audience and amplify their impact.

Engage 2016 Award

Doing one thing well is great. Excelling across the board is far better - and far more difficult to do. The Engage Award will recognize social’s best from 2015 based both on hard data and the opinions of a hand-selected panel of expert judges. We’re looking for great customer care, the smartest storytelling, and, of course, creativity.